About Us


RAWDUO STUDIO is a team of customer driven experts and visionaries in the branding and digital marketing space. We do brand development, web development, social media management, content marketing, graphic design, or photography. RawDuo Studio services in both Toronto and Hong Kong, it was founded by Graphic Designer/Art Director - Jason T. and Web Developer - Karishma S.


RawDuo Studio utilizes this art form to convey information to your target audience with a creative combination of ideas, text and images. For this visual communication process, we use a creative methodology to provide a fitting solution to your requirements.



RAWDUO STUDIO offers full-Service Branding and Digital Marketing services at affordable prices while maintaining the highest standards. WE seeks to build relationships that resonate - between a brand and its customers. Branding is ultimately about creating sustainable relationships and community. Customer relationships are at the core of every brand outreach.

Why do you need graphic design?

Great graphic design ensures that people are attracted towards your brand and find it desirable. This is easier to do when your graphic designs are strategically placed in view of your target audience, such as on packaging, websites and any other materials that can be branded. OUR TEAM AT RAWDUO STUDIO makes sure that in addition to delivering creative graphic design, your company is also represented in a positive and unique way.

Amongst the overabundance of graphic design work on the Web, your graphics need to be distinctive and eye-catching, and this is where we can help. We provide graphic designs that not only build your company’s image, they also work as the point where your business identity develops and grows. It is undoubtedly essential to have great graphic design work that impressively portrays your business.


Digital marketing plays a valuable role in shaping consumer behavior in today’s world, but how does it positively impact businesses? And more importantly, why? Here are a few reasons why every business should prioritize digital marketing over traditional methods of advertising.

  • Digital marketing levels the online playing field. 

  • Digital marketing helps businesses stay a step ahead of their competition. 

  • Digital marketing is less expensive than traditional advertising. 

  • Digital marketing delivers analytics. 

  • Digital marketing reaches mobile users. 

  • Digital marketing builds brand recognition. 

  • Digital marketing allows businesses to monitor their brand. 

  • Digital marketing can help brands develop trust with their audience. 

  • Digital marketing provides businesses with additional sales channels. 

  • Digital marketing can educate customers.  

  • Digital marketing brings a brand’s story to more people.